Health Insurance Ordinance

Here is a copy of the proposed city ordinance regarding our health insurance.  According to this document, the City intends to emulate the new insurance after the State of Indiana plan.  More information regarding the State plans can be found at

The State website lists the following as the premiums for a PPO plan:

State of Indiana - PPO Rates

Active/Retired members, associate members, and friends of the lodge are encouraged to contact the members of the city council to voice their opposition to this extraordinary cost increase proposed outside of the past practice of contract negotiation.  City Council members can be contacted in the following ways:

Hammond City Council
5925 Calumet Avenue
Hammond, IN 46320
Phone: 219-853-6404
Fax: 219-853-6420

Ordinance Sponsors:

Janet Venecz              Dan Spitale                Mark Kalwinski         William Emerson
(At Large)                   (At Large)                   (1st District)                (4th District)
219-937-9774             219-614-2454             219-933-7108

The next Hammond City Council meeting regarding this topic is on Wednesday, May 30, 2012 at 5:30pm (Caucus) and 6:00pm for the regular meeting.  ALL members are encouraged to attend.  Those in attendance will have an opportunity to express their concerns in front of the council members during a public hearing.

A comparison of the benefits/premiums between our current plan and the proposed plan(s) was prepared by the FOP’s Wage and Benefit Committee.  It can be viewed here:

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